Comprometidos con la formación y facilitación del talento humano

 Trabajamos para optimizar procesos de participación, compromiso y empoderamiento del talento humano dentro de toda sociedad y organización en cambio continuo. Lo hacemos a través de metodologías humanistas y psico-sociales con fuertes componentes de creatividad e innovación.

– Community Work Brighton, UK –

By participating in Can Do projected with ICA Spain I realised that social justice, democratic representation, professionalism, diversity and sensitivity is at the core of their work, these made me proud to be a partner and active citizen.

Odi Oquosa

– Director – Mike Holdgate Associates – 

Whenever I have had the pleasure of working with ICA-Spain I am always so impressed by the energy, passion and commitment to diversity that the workers of this organisation display. They have a unique way of working that is both empowering and professional which is clearly respected by all beneficiaries of this amazing organisation.

Mike Holdgate