Erasmus+ Can Do Empower

The power of sharing knowledge and empowering ICA Spain members as social agents and entrepreneurs.







The main objective of this project was, in its first phase, to empower trainers as CHANGE AGENTS within their own local context to deal with discrimination, to share and develop an educational, conceptional and methodological basis on which to develop an effective EMPOWERMENT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE training approach.  Training as the basis for developing practical tools such as manuals, articles, videos, booklets and other training aides which are to be communicated in a variety of different ways to maximize the impact and sustainability of this initiative

The project developed a handbook and disseminated material that can be used in the facilitation of anti-discrimination work, including a blog, project videos, and articles. During the exchange meetings experiences with proven empowering anti-discrimination strategies and approaches were shared and on basis of this exchange concrete products were co-designed and co-developed. The dissemination of findings were carried out in the last year of the project. Expert meetings, conferences, workshops, publications and trainings were sucessfully organized.

Can do empowerment continues under Can do Refugees Erasmus project!

This time, it is  Progestion, a Spanish civil Association, who manages the new Erasmus+ project, after receiving coaching and mentorship from ICA Spain to design and implement Erasmus projects.   ICA Spain is proud to have coached and mentored Iman and Aurelia, as ICA Spain members, for the successfully project design, implementation and management of two of the previous Erasmus projects: “Peace and Power”,  “Can Do Empowerment” and Progestion staff  for the new one: “Can Do Refugees”. 

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