Erasmus+ Youth & Policy Makers

Young people and politicians from Spain and the Netherlands organized a Seminar about “Ethical Practices in Intercultural Youth Work”, sponsored by the KA3 Structured Dialogue of the Erasmus+ programme. Four partners, The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Madrid; Autismo Sevilla and AEGEE (Forum of European Students), from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, and Re-Starter from the Netherlands organised the successful event.

A seminar in which young people with similar concerns but with different perspectives, met local politicians and policy-makers from Spain and The Netherlands.  The sessions were designed to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept and consequences of corruption and unethical practices within youth intercultural work. Youth workers emphasized the need to work out innovative ideas, such as the SAY NO toolkit from the Institute of Business Ethics,  to achieve greater political involvement to assess corruption cases and how to fight their root causes.    The importance of a personal reflection and evaluation of how we perceive corruption or illegal practices within our own cultures was highlighted as a first step to deal with the matter openly.


Video Seminar Ethics Works! (Gran Canaria, April 2018)

National and International Project Achievements

Seminar’s Contribution to United Nations Global Impact

  • UN Global Compact – Principle 10:  Anticorruption and Joint Actions
  • Indicators for Joint Actions between intercultural youth workers & policy makers
  • Indicadores para acciones conjuntas entre mediaddores interculturales y personas responsables de política juvenil

Perception of corruption and non-ethical practices by youth workers.   Answers to the following questions: How does it affect democratic, personal and community life?  And what potential solutions could we practice in our daily life?

Percepción sobre la corrupción y prácticas no éticas de los jóvenes del seminario: ¿Cómo impacta en su vida democrática, laboral y comunitaria. Y, qué iniciativas proponen para regenerar la vida democratica.

Seminar’s Contribution IBE Free Digital “Say No Tool-Kit”

For fostering good ethical practices at political, social and working life. We are grateful to the Institute of Business Ethics, IBE for this toolkit.

The Power of Ethics  – Powerpoint Presentation by Dan Johnson 

Finally, we explored and worked out current possibilities to give continuity to the work that the group has started and ideas on how to involve more young people working and boosting ethical practices within their own context. Interesting ideas emerged, such as:

  • That each partner could deliver workshops on the key concepts and practical actions towards fostering ethical practices learned in the Seminar within their youth groups and sharing them with their local authorities.
  • That each participant, as an ethical ambassador, will be involved in spreading the messages learned in the Seminar in their environment (family, work, and friendships).
  • Launch a youth campaign every month leading up to December 9th, known as the International Anti-Corruption Day as set by the United Nations.
  • The creation of a political manifesto based on the survey that is running by the Ethics Works partnership.
  • Design resources and gather key materials for colleges and VET (vocational training institutes), political parties.

We want to highlight the idea, which was overwhelmingly supported by all participants: the creation of a Youth Ethical Hub. So, one day after the seminar this Youth Ethical Hub is working already at:

You can follow all the events through the Facebook Page , Twitter , or request access to the Youth Ethical HUB.

Other Sites:

Project Coordinator:  Catalina Quiroz Niño /

Project Youth Coordinator: Abel Ferrero Tazza / 


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