Migrants and Refugees Education – Adult Educators´ training modules, competence and social micro-indicators

The Erasmus Cross-borders Intercultural and Societal Entrepreneurs is a partnership of organisations from the UK, Turkey, Sweden, and Spain who have developed innovative educational resources aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The Erasmus UK agency has supported this project for three years and it has aimed at enhancing adult educators´ skills who are working with migrants refugees and internally displaced people from the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Maghreb and Latin America.  External assessors of the UK Erasmus agency have given a score of 84 out of 100 to the project.  The project methodology was based on participatory action-research applying the Methodology of Participation, Team and Consensus work from the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Spain. 

The curriculum, competences and social-micro indicators can be downloaded from https://uk.iofc.org/M-R-Rebuilders

They are available in 7 languages: Arabic, English, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Tigrina and Turkish.