“Cross-border intercultural and societal Entrepreneurs”

ICA Spain initiated and co-designed on behalf of organisations from the UK, Turkey, Sweden, and Spain the Erasmus KA2: Cross-borders intercultural and societal entrepreneurs project. The project aimed at enhancing adult educators´ skills who are working with migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Maghreb and Latin America.

External assessors of the UK Erasmus agency have given a score of 84 out of 100 to the project.  The project methodology was based on participatory action-research applying the methods of the Institute of Cultural Affairs, ICA Spain

Adult Educators´ training modules, competence frame work and social micro-indicators FOR INCLUSION AND ECONOMIC ENGAGEMENT

Induction brochure of the project and educational programme

Good practices and recommendations for migrants´ and refugees´ education

The educational programme resources: Curriculum, Competences and Social Micro-Indicators are available here in 7 languages: Arabic, English, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Tigrina and Turkish. 

Los Recursos del programa educativo: Curriculum, Competencias Micro-Indicadores Sociales se ofrecen aquí en 7 idiomas: Árabe, Español, Inglés, Somalí, Sueco, Tigriña y Turco.

To access videos of the curriculum training areas click below:

1. Sustainable livelihood: The art of covering fundamental needs and rights.

2. Affection and belonging: The art of caring and accepting to be cared for.

3. Prevention and Protection: The art of promoting human security.

4. Understanding and engagement: The art of developing critical and constructive thinking and engagement.

5. Participation and social entrepreneurship: The art of enhancing socio-economic value for communities.